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Eduardo Espirito Santo is a Portuguese-British-Swedish entrepreneur and wellness coach. As founder of Ancient Gates, a wellness platform, Eduardo created a customized meditation program which teaches those affected by trauma how to heal from the emotional wounds of war, sexual violence, abuse and different forms of loss.

Eduardo also mentors and trains business people and entrepreneurs about the importance of stillness and rest in the midst of their workday.

Ancient Gates provides a differentiated experience in meditation, within a growing health and wellness industry.  Eduardo has over a decade of experience in contemplation and meditation and has found innumerable benefits from this lost practice in the modern era.

The ancient meditation program guides participants through both online and in person classes which bring emotional and psychological healing.  Eduardo has seen first-hand how this practice has brought numerous benefits, including decreased stress, anxiety and fear.  Participants in the experience have found greater levels of peace, creativity and courage to walk in freedom and encounter transformation.

Eduardo began in-person meditative group classes at a wellness experts studio in London.  These experiences have now reached the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. The vision is to operate ongoing meditation classes across the globe.  Classes are offered in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic (Arabic is with a translator).

Eduardo also teaches the customized ancient meditation program to refugees and survivors of sexual violence in conflict.  Eduardo runs online live meditation experiences with survivors through an online educational platform which connects teachers across the world to survivors and refugees.

Eduardo has run experiences in person with survivors of sexual violence in conflict and refugees who fled their countries. In addition, Eduardo shares motivational stories and material to bring about a firm resolve within survivors to gain a fresh perspective and outlook of hope for the future.

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